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The Pleasant Moments Vintage Dancers specialize in social ballroom dances from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Periods and dances include:

Regency (1800 - 1830s)
Country dance, early waltz, quadrille, allemande, scotch reel.

Mid-19th Century / Civil War (1840s - 1860s)
Waltz, polka, galop, schottische, quadrille, mazurka, redowa, polonaise.

Late 19th Century / High Victorian
Viennese waltz, schottische, polka, two-step, quadrille, country dance.

Turn of the Century / Ragtime (1900 - 1920s)
Cake walk, one-step, Castle Walk, maxixe, animal dances, hesitation waltz, tango.

1920s and '30s
Fox trot, charleston, blues, tango.

Programs presented by the Pleasant Moments Vintage Dancers may include other period entertainments such as cotillions or germans (dance games), readings from period books and dance manuals, and skits or live music and singing. Many programs and themes are available. Victorian themes include: Victorian balls or dance concerts; Civil War era; Dickens ball; Christmas ball; and Victorian teas or picnics. Additional Victorian themes include Viennese night, Gilbert and Sullivan, and many more. Also available are turn-of-the-century and ragtime balls, teas, picnics, and sociables, such as a Tango Tea or Ragtime Trot.
    The performance segment of the program may be followed by an audience participation segment, when dance mistress Cathy Stephens leads members of the audience through simple but fun period dances.


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